Change Volumio account password?


For security issue, can i change the default “volumio” account password (with ssh session) without any malfunction on Volumio2?



You can change the password to whatever you like.

The only thing that will not work is the plugin installation, but I will refactor it very soon, allowing to change default password. Which is a very sensible thing


Is it possible to change password with the latest release 2.119?


As far as I am aware, this has not been implemented yet. I assume that your v2.119 was a typo (v2.129).

At the risk of necro-bumping, I’d just like to add my voice here.
After a recent purchase of the NanoSound DAC & Amp, I struggled for ages trying to get the plug-in installed - until I found:

echo volumio | sudo .... <install the plug-in>

Ahhh… (I’d changed the default password, as I do with every device I own :wink: )

This is terrible :slight_smile:

Consider IoT security… the first thing anyone tries to “hack” is to login to a product using the product’s name as the username and / or password…

Perhaps to move this forward, if the password can be entered in the web interface, at least something could be updated so that the plug-in installation would use that same word in the above command… (please encrypt the password whereever it’s stored so that it’s just decrypted to run the plug-in command)


Whilst we’re discussing passwords in plaintext, can we also improve wifi security by not storing the wifi password in plaintext, but use a hash instead?

wpa_supplicant.conf can use a hash for the “psk” parameter, so the plaintext entered in the webgui just needs to be put through wpa_passphrase, ie:

volumio@volumio:~$ wpa_passphrase mywifiname thisismypassword    

This works when done manually… my volumio is working fine :wink:

Perhaps the web interface can run this command when generating the wpa_supplicant.conf file?

Apart from that… this is a great product :slight_smile:

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I also detected that plugin installation is not working if I change the default password to other value.
So, I restore the password to default value when I need to install plugin, change the password again after completion of plug install for security protection.
I was wondering if you have any plan to refactor this improvement.