Change Splash Screen plus Central Image

Hi There,

Ok, so so far I’ve been successful in changing the logo in the top right corner and I’ve changed the default screen for when there is no album art available:

Jukebox Home Screen.jpg

I’ve changed the colours - but now I want to change the central image to the one you see when volumio is idle and with nothing in the playlist - so it doesn’t display the volumio logo anymore. Also I would like to lose the terminal text on boot up along with changing the Volumio splash to my own custom one.

Jukebox Home Screen Change Logo.jpg

Can anyone help?



As posted in the other thread - if this is for a commercial purpose:

Then again, I see you have “home jukebox” so I shall stop pointing you to the Oem solution - good luck on your endeavors! is where you want to go hunting…

Nah, this one is for me…

I built this box a couple of years ago, therefore it’s looking a bit tatty now. I’d do it so differently now!


I just want it to be totally customised, since I have the time over the Easter Holidays to figure it out.


Ian … 394a3efa78
Cheers! ;=)

To be honest, I’m a total noob on the programming front - how does this work?

Is this just to change the album art when there is none? Otherwise, how would I get it to display the image I want when there’s nothing queued?



Tell you what would also be fantastic - putting the screen saver to black after 1 hour but first having a slide show of random album and artists artwork show up…

how possible? or am I in the wrong forum?



The default albumart is located in /volumio/app/plugins/miscellanea/albumart
Just replace Default.jpg and/or Default.png

I have done customized arts for every player, but I have had problems with updates of the system, a system integrity check failed and I was forced to do a factory restore, I’m not sure if updates still do the integrity checks

The update do the integrity check!
I have been advised not to changes files in the /volumio mapp

Any news on this? I have already changed the default.jpg and default.png in /miscellanea/albumart but its only changing the album cover when there isn’t one available.

I want to change the default cover art when theres nothing in queue and nothing playing.

The image file shown on the Playback screen when no file is playing is: /volumio/app/plugins/miscellanea/albumart/default.jpg. It should be a 1000 x1000 jpg file.

I’ve already changed that file, it work but when i clear the queue the volumio default image appear.

Im wondering where is the file for the one when the queue is cleared?