Change size of Elements or disable Elements in Browse Tab

Hello community
i’m using volumio a lot with my cell phone or my kids with with the 7" Touchscreen.
I have nothing found with the search in the forum. But it could be, that my poor english is the reason for …

  1. Is it possible to disable elements in browse tab or change the sorting?
  2. Is it possible to change the size of the elements?
    I dont need every thing an on the 7" Touchscreen only a few things for the kids … keep it simple
    2018-02-18 16_37_22-Window.png

it should look like above

Thank you for help!!



Resize cover dimension in play view would be great if you an external tv

Is it possible to do the job in the Code (Html, js )? Where i have to search for? (Githublink, directory or file please)
Thank you for your help!

ok not the solution to disable some elements … but for my equipment (android Phone and Pi Touchscreen 7") fo me the best solution …
it resizes the elements so that you see everything whithout scrolling.

edit the file /volumio/http/www/styles/app- … .css -> it has only one … but i think the name is not stable.

search for -> .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper -> one word!!
you find it 4 times

  1. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:50%; …
  2. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:25%; …
  3. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:16.6667%; …
  4. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:16.6667%%; …

I changed it to:

  1. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:25%; …
  2. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:14%; …
  3. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:14%; …
  4. .browseTable .listWrapper.grid .itemWrapper{float:left;width:14%; …

and now it looks like next printscreen on the phone ->

and next printscreen on the pi 7" Touchscreen ->
2018-04-14 22_04_13-Window.png
for the Children this is much mor intuitive

If anybody has a possibility to disable elements … i will love it!!
Thank you Andi

Thank you very much @andib, I was looking for a solution since ages (grid-view-for-source-tile-size-t7553.html).

It would be great to have an option in the parameters in order to avoid digging into css files.

Thank you again!

That is a good idea, on todo list now!

Great, thanks @michelangelo !

Would it be also possible to disable elements? For example, I never use “Media Server”

Yep, I’ve already done the facility for that, only miss the time to finish it…


We’ve now implemented the ability to remove elements from browse page. It will be available from next release



Excellent, congrats! What about resizing the elements?

Thanks for the update Michelangelo. Will this be available as a plugin without upgrading to latest future release? I would like if possible to continue with using v.2452 as it suits my needs.

Thanks for the work on this.

For the moment we just implemented the ability do disable some elements, not to resize them (but it’s on our TODO).
It will be available as a regular update.

Great - Thanks!!!

Hi Michelangelo.

Good work. I really would like to have this facility to disable elements in browse, but as I said, I do not really want to upgrade from v2452 as I have encountered many problems with later versions ( my fault as I have modified some stuff ) Will this new facility be available in the plugins list or only as part of the future up and coming version?


This is part of the future version…
IMHO you should do your things in a way that they survive updates, if not you’ll be stuck with such version forever.
Maybe pack them in a plugin?
What are such modifications?

Hi again.

I know that I really should do it the way that you suggest. Just lazy on my part I guess. The mods I have done are only minor things really. Such as script to enable me to use push buttons for on off and disable bluetooth. I can easily get round that. Do you think it would be best if I always run the latest version? Can i set this in Volumio do do this automatically?


Hi again Michelangelo. I have now updated to latest release without any problems. Only a couple of things to add to config.txt file to enable my on/off panel mounted LED to work -

All now working ok. Looking foward to the next release.


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