Change headphone lets crash Volumio/RPi3

I use a RPi3 and Hifiberry DAC+.
If I want to change my headphones during Volumio/RPi is running, Volumio crashs.
Is that normal?

Is your PSU strong enough?
You should use a 2A at least.

If you want to change to Audio Jack, you must disable I2S first

The PSU should be fine, it is a 2A PSU.
I don’t want to use/change to the RPi’s audio jack. I use the Hifiberry’s audio jack.
Sometimes I want to change the headphones. But this doesn’t work, it let’s volumio crash.

Ah, now I get it.
IMHO this is something related to hardware not being properly isolated. We had a similar issue with DigiOne.
Since it’s an hardware problem, contact hifiberry

Thanks michelangelo for the note.