CEC CD 5 dac working on volumio pc x64 but fails on Rpi3 b


Thank you for the hard work behind the volumio project. I started using volumio on an x64 pc few months ago and enjoying it (was a bit hard to make computer boot from sdcard)
I wanted something lighter to act as a music transport to my dac and ordered an Rpi 3. Unfortunately, my dac does not appear in the output device drop-down list.
If the dac is working perfectly (DSD and all) on an x64 machine in volumio, shouldn’t it work on rpi device?

(have the same issue with rune audio on rpi, daphile works also well on pc))

Thank you

Not necessarily, we experience a lot of usb audio devices that don’t work the way people expect.
Older, usb 1.0, devices are know for causing problems, with DSD support you should be with the newerClass 2 ones.
But if there is any chance for help (no guarantee), then we need at least:

  • output from “lsusb -t” while the dac is connected
  • output from “dmesg” when un-/re-plugging the device
  • brand of the dac

Thank you. It seems that the culprit was my high end usb cable solid copper an silver (just don’t ask the price) and it might be due to the lack of ground wire in that cable. Works perfectly in Windows but fails on rpi. That is even stranger but this forum is not the place to discuss usb cabling issues