Hi There,

I am curious to know if there are going to be ripping quality features. I see it’s currently FLAC at 44., 16 bit. Higher quality would be great!

We are considering other options, like auto-rip and auto-eject.
Ripping a CD to more than 16/44.1 does not make any sense: you will just waste more space for CD quality data…

Remember: 24 bits 96k and up don’t make any sense just for being higher-res, its the quality of the source material that matter.
You might be surprised on how much .flacs are around that are converted from mp3… :wink:

ok… thank you…looking forward to see what else is added

Love the new release.

A feature request… When doing a cd rip, having the location selected as a default. As you know the options come up as “INTERNAL” and what ever I have connected. Would be nice to choose one of locations as a default. So I don’t have to choose one every CD.


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Good suggestion. We could do it in a way it remembers the last location you selected and keep it as default (if present)

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Exactly… thanks!

…and maybe DVD audio ripping too?

Hi Folks

I just started using Volumio. It works well.
I come with 35 years Unix experience - the one thing I have learned is that it’s easier to design systems that do one specific task rather than a multitude. And that you can achieve very complex results by stringing together simple tasks.
With that in mind - my problem was that I had hundreds of CDs that I wanted to rip and organise.
So to rip them I chose vortexbox - - I had an old pc lying around, I filled it with cd drives - 4 of them.
I was able to rip 4 CDs at a time - to FLAC and mp3 as I wanted, it got the information for the cd and track names from the internet. But it still produces a flat structure.

I then used beets - - to organise the music collection that had been ripped. Beets is free and very configurable.

I then feed the music directory that beets produces to Volumio as its music folder.

Its a 3 step process. It works.

I know this is not a plugin for Volumio. But it will help you achieve what you want to do more flexibly and potentially more quickly. But you may need some Linux skills. But then what else are you going to do in the time of CoronaVirus.

Stay safe and enjoy your life

Kind Regards