CD plugin. multi-room

I’ve come to like and enjoy Volumio more and more as I come to understand better how to control it and configure it. One of the things that I particularly appreciate is the possibility to integrate a CD player into the household setup (I probably won’t buy a CD ever again, but I have no interest in spending the rest of my life ripping and tagging the CD’s I already own).

One of the things that I miss at present though is the ability to direct audio output from the CD player to a volumio instance other than the one that the drive is physically attached to. I think I could fix this by installing the snapcast plugin, configuring the system that the CD drive is attached to as a snapcast server, and the other volumio instances as snapcast clients.

I have a couple of questions though: (i) is my understanding of all of this correct? (ii) would there be any bad consequences of trying to set things up in this way? (iii) when the great day arrives when a new version of volumio brings us multi-room functionality, will that functionality include CD output? If so, I might be better off waiting for that day.

Thanks very much for any advice or pointers in the meantime.