CD player spinning all the time at full speed

I am using RasPi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 with Volumio 3.179. MyVolumio plan Premium with setting “CD Playback and Ripping =on”. Attached to Raspi is a LG DVD Rewriter GH22NS40 by USB 2.0 to SATA adapter.

When inserting an audio CD “CD Audio Player” appears on the left side of Volumio GUI and the DVD Player starts spinning. It is spinning then at full speed as long as CD playback goes on and making a lot of noise. Only ejecting the CD stops hurling of the player.

Using the DVD player with USB-SATA adapter on a Intel NUC running with Arch Linux listening to an audio CD with VLC the player is spinning only at (very) low speed making almost no noise.

I rebooted Volumio with DVD player connected and set CD Playback in Volumio off and on again.

How to get same (no full speed) spinning behaviour with Volumio when CD playback?

Just some more details please:

  • The USB to SATA is powered by?
  • You’re using the same USB to SATA adapter on both systems?
  • You use an USB2.0 port on the NUC?

When a CD/DVD player start spinning like crazy, it has problems reading TOC (Table Of Content) and track info. So it keeps moving to the inner part of the CD (TOC) to read the location when the data is and then to the CD data tracks. When errors occurs (for example due to low power, scratched surface) it becomes a day job, moving back and forward. It will try to recover/restore the missed data, using the correction tracks.


I had to power off all devices (Raspi and DVD Writer). Then I used upper USB port on right side of Raspi. DVD writer powered on I powered Raspi. Now it is spinning with no noise same as on my NUC.

USB-SATA adapter is powered by Raspi. If USB connector of USB-SATA is unplugged from Raspi, Raspi shutted down, it draws about 120mA less.

I tried also with an older IDE drive H-L Storage GSA-H40N. It’s spinning always faster (louder) than newer SATA drive.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you.