Case For Raspberry Pi

Any idea where I can get a my Pi with LED? I want want that has led pre cut ? Any idea.

I don’t know what elese is attached to your R Pi, but Allo have clear and smoked acrylic cases for a Pi and hat board that you can see the LEDs through.

Thanks But i wanted a full metal case?

If you should have a Pi 4 maybe a Flirc case suits your needs. The LEDs are visible but not from every angle / position as you can see at around 2:52 in this video.

Though not completely made of metal an alternative could be the Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 Case, where the LEDs shine through a dark piece of plastic as shown at 8:47 in this video.

Ok, i am sorry for the confusion. I am looking for a full case that has an LCD display on it.
Like this

But I already have a dac an pi and I want to built my own.

Wouldn’t you want a bigger screen? There’s plenty of very usable Pi touchscreens out there.