Can't Use My Raspberry Pi open Volumio

Buy a Raspberry Pi 4B today and try open it once after I shut down I can’t open it anymore. I have try to re-install but still can’t connect my Volumio.
Help me please

Hi ManKuang, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Please make sure that you have followed the ‘getting started’ documentation.

Have a read of the Quick Start Guide …

Yes I try it many time but still can’t connect my Raspberry pi just keep flash the green light twice

I’ve had this problem too at the beginning with my raspberry 4b .
My prob was the SD-Card .There are only a few cards working with my RPI4 .
Maybe you should try a SD-Card from another manufactorer first.
Good luck

But when I use the Raspberry Pi OS on this SD card it works fine

how do you burn your image ? with what?


that should be good. i would say try a 3.xx version that works for me but the 2.xx should work too.

I try it and after I buy a new SD Card it works good :sweat_smile:

oke nice now you can start to play :slight_smile: have fun …

Thank you for your help, wish you have a nice day~:)