Can't use multirom switch in WebUI since 2.031

Since Volumio 2.031 I cannot switch to the other volumio device in the WebUI.
I have two Volumios, both are on different Raspberry Pis.
I can see the other device on the WebUI, but when I try to click on it it loads and loads the site and I have to refresh the window or to close and open the window again to continue.
One I have updated via the updater the other I have copied the new image to the sdcard.
Both machines are running fine, but now I need two widgets on the desktop to control them.
Hope, that anyone can help, thank you.

I have the same issue. And I’ve had it a couple of dev versions back.
One rpi 3 and one rpi2 both on wired network.


Just upgraded to 1.032 on both and same issue.

yep, here too. it definitely is a bug. Help :exclamation:

We’re working to fix it, expect a fix next week

anything yet?

with 2.041 everything is fine! Thanks!! :smiley: