Can't upgrade from 2.118 to 2.129

I was trying to upgrade from 2.118 to 2.129 several times but never success.
Click “Upgrade” I can have the WebGUI show the progress and success information.
However, after click the “Restart” nothing updated. The version still remain in 2.118 and click the “Upgrade” I can still have the find new update information.
I went over and over the same procedure for more then 5 times and never get the system up to date.

Any suggestion?

Same here on a Raspberry Pi B. At the end I decided to reflash my SD card with the new image…

2 Pis, same problem, except that with mine the restart worked, but the version number remained unchanged.

I also have same issue.

the upgrade appears to progress successfully but after restart system still shows 2.118

same here… :frowning:

Same issue. Advised updated successfully but when the Pi restarts, it still shows 2.118 (and all the wonderful issues such as playback randomly stopping every three songs still exist).

Yep same issue here on Raspi 2.
Says it has upgraded but restart shows 2.118. Cleared cache and same result.

Did you guys install something via apt-get ?

A possible fix: after updating, instead of clicking reboot, refresh the page and click shutdown.
Then re-power the pi. Did the update go trough well?

No, I’ve not installed anything via apt-get. I have also tried your “possible fix” and unfortunately it did not work.

Same happening here too. It says it upgraded but when you reboot still on older version.
RPi 2 with hifiberry dac.

I flashed a new card.

Won’t upgrade to 2.141 either. Tried the suggested shutdown / restart and no difference. Looks as if a re-flash and start again required. Bit of a nuisance since have two Pi’s on 2.118.

I have tired with the suggestion and still did not work.
Give up and flash card with 2.141 image.

I can report also that the OTA update does not update 2.129 to 2.141

2.129 to 2.141 worked for me.

Same problem with a Raspberry Pi 3. Can’t upgrade from 2.141 to 2.163. System says “Successfully Updated to 2.163 Version. System Restart is required.” After restart, I have the same old version.

I have successfully updated to 2.163.

I gave up and reflashed my SD card with the new version. Now I have 2.175, and I must say it seems much better than previous versions.