Can't See Qobuz in Volumio list of Streamers .....

Trying to link Qobuz to my Raspberry Pi running Volumio. I can see Spotify and Pandora but cannot see Qobuz. I have signed up for Virtuoso. But I just can’t seem to find Qobuz listed anywhere. I just installed the software today and it says that I am up to date with Volumio Software.

Settings -> Sources -> qobuz login :wink:

Thanks for the Reply!

Yes, I have been here before, but see no Mention of qobuz login
All I see is MyVolumio Streaming Services

I can see no way to add Qobuz to the Streaming Services.

Are you logged in in MyVolumio on your PI?


Yes, I can see the Login on my Screen.

Also, I have connected my Spotify Account and it plays fine…
Still cannot see any mention of Qobuz on any Settings Screen. :confused:

Can someone here confirm that they are running Qobuz with Volumio on a Raspberry Pi.

It seems like I am fighting a losing battle… I have used many other streaming software
and if a feature is advertised, it works. I am not finding that with Volumio.

Yes, I have rpi4 latest volumio build. Qobuz is integrated, also spotify… I have virtuoso plan.

Problem Solved !
I contacted Virtuoso Support and they could not figure it out either.

So, I cancelled my Virtuoso Subscription and will continue to use PiCorePlayer.

Sorry for being a little late, I can confirm that my Virtuoso subscription has always had both Tidal and Qobuz login forms enabled. I am on a Raspberry PI 3B+ / HifiBerry DAC+ Pro.