Can't see Network Drive in WebUI

After some wrangling with permissions, I was able to successfully mount a remote Samba share and am playing music without a problem.

My problem is that I can’t see my mounted share under ‘network drives’ under the “My Music” tab at:

What is more disturbing is all of my failed mount attempts are sitting in /mnt/NAS.

How can I see what drives are mounted and how do I remove my failed attempts?

Running version 0.979 released Sat Aug 20



How are you doing to play your music if you don’t see the mount ?
Did you configure it through the webUI ? Could you give more details please?

  • When I went into the My Player screen, it showed all the network shares on my network.
  • I chose the share that had my music and clicked save.
  • It scanned the directory and picked up all of my music. On the top of the screen it shows my # of albums, songs, etc. that are 100% off of my network share.
  • Under Network Drives, the screen is blank other than the Add drive button which then starts the process of choosing a share.
  • No where is the current share listed or the failed attempts listed. No buttons or menus to delete the current share.
  • I found all my working mount and all my failed attempts in /mnt/NAS.
  • Since there is nothing in fstab, I assume it is using autofs or fuse or something like that.

Maybe you could post a screenshot.

Does anything correct itself if you reload the page? My Volumio web UI often get in a non-responsive state and needs to be reloaded.

Drive mapping options

Files scanned - 100% from mapped drives.

/mnt directory showed bot successful and failed attempts

Hi all. I’m afraid we are having the exact same problem with mounting and seeing network drives via the web UI / system_controller-networkfs tab. The issue is consistent, and remains even after multiple reboots, power cycling and factory reset of the unit. Attempting a fresh image now which we will update to version 2.031 and will troubleshoot the network here.

What could be causing this and how do we resolve it?

We are running -
System Version: 2.001 Released: Sat Oct 15 16:29:11 CEST 2016

Link to Github discussion -