Cant see local music on micro sd card

Hi I have a small problem belonging local mp3 on my micro sd.
My Volumio is up to date and running without problems. I can access the folders of volumio and copy mp3 to the internal storage folder. The owner are set to user and group volumio with access rights 777. When I start Volumio and after I start the index process no files or folders are found. I dont get any error messages. The folder internal storage isnt shown in the webinterface. Can anybody help me?

did you rescan /update after loading the music in internal?
system >> sources >> update / rescan

Yes I did. But anyway the folder internal storage or the files inside there is not visible in Volumio. But I can see the folder over smb or ssh

try this maybe it helps

chmod -R 775 /data/INTERNAL

Can you post the results of typing from ssh session:

(1) ls -l /mnt

(2) ls -l /data/INTERNAL

and posting your /etc/samba/smb.conf file?