Can't remove playlist and my favorite song

Resp pi B+ with the latest Volumio.
It has been a problem since 1st day I use Volumio.

After click “delete”, My favoirte song is still there. Tried many time and stayed still.

Playlist can be removed after click but everything shows up after reboot.

Anybody got a clue?

You are using MyVolumio, which has an autosync (backup) feature.

Thank you chsims1. Problem solved.

OK, but I have the same problem and I don’t understand how to delete songs an/or playlists with myvolumio activated.They return!!! :smiley:

A fix for this is being worked on.

I have same problem with favorite radio stations and playlists.
I hope they fix it soon, it’s very annoying.

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Upgrade to 2.729 version from 18.3.2020 and it works. I had the same problem, after upgrade it is already OK.