Can't read Artist Stories even though I have a Premium account


New Volumio user so please excuse me if I’ve got something wrong.

I signed up for a Premium account and everything seems great except that when I try to read Artist Stories I’m told that it is a Premium feature and I’m asked to upgrade. Clicking on the upgrade link Volumio tells me that my current plan is indeed Premium. Have I misunderstood something or is there something that can be done to fix this?

Screenshot from 2022-01-24 11-15-28|690x289

I’m running Volumio on a Pi if that helps at all.


There seems to be some server outages according to

Thanks for that pointer - maybe that’s it. It wasn’t working yesterday either but I guess the outage could have been going on a while… I’ll keep an eye on the status and check again when all’s green!

Sorry - I was wrong the link shared was to the old status page ( the new one is at

no problem :slight_smile: - looks like all’s well there though, especially with the metadata provider, so there must be some other problem. Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

The metadata servers are under high pressure, since so many people jumped on Volumio Premium and the new Manifest UI.

We are increasing server capacity (and adding a caching mechanism) as we speak, so in a matter of days you should see metadatas for all artists.

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@volumio You might want to remove the old page. It seems to have a higher search engine ranking and shows up first.

Thanks, set up a 301 redirect

Same problem for me.
I’ve just signed up for Premium account, I could set Manifest UI but I don’t see any info about albums and artists.
Is it a server problem?

EDIT: Problem solved. Just a reboot was needed.