Can't play 24bit through USB DAC

I’m using:
Raspberry Pi 4b 8G
Fiio K5 Pro
When I play some 24bit music in Tidal, Volumio show it is playing in 24bit but my DAC keep showing me the music is playing in 16bit.
Have try to reboot and chage USB pot but still can’t make it to 24bit.
Did I do anything wrong?

As far as I remember the K5Pro only shows blue up to 48KHz, more than 48KHz shows yellow and DSD shows green. Is there another indicator for the bitdepth??

yes, you are right.
But when I plug the Fiio K5 pro in computer and play Master Quality Audio in Tidal, my K5 pro will turn yellow.

I do not know if I understand…
MQA WITHOUT MQA hardware will give you CD quality, which afaik is 16bit/44.1 kHz. And if so I think your DAC shows what is possible. The K5 is not MQA capable.

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But why I plug in my computer it will show Yellow?

Ok…I think I have it. The Tidal software does the so called first unfold, which is up to 24 bit / 48 kHz. And that is what the DAC shows.

Therefore, shall I play in the Tidal app and connect to Volumio to have the software unfold?

Also, I want to ask why I can’t play the song that I select:

It’s up to you. MQA and Volumio is a little bit a never ending story. You will have a good result. If you hear any difference…? I cannot hear it, but maybe your ears are younger than mine :wink:

Ok, Thank you for your help.
Also I find a problem in selecting song in Volumio, I uploaded a video in my last reply. :bowing_man:

For that you have to find another help. I use Volumio only for Qobuz and Tidal. Absolutely no expertise…good luck!

ok Thank you for your help. Wish you have a nice day~:)