Can't open volumio.local after selecting wrong DAC

Hi guys,

I have an Allo USBridge connected to a Rotel amp via USB, all working fine, until now. Today I was just messing around with some settings on the Web UI, and I noticed there were 2 available DACs in i2s (Allo Piano and Allo Piano 2.1). Since I chose one of these I can no longer access the web UI with volumio.local or entering the IP. I get a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.
The funny thing is, I can ping it, I can even access to the SMB share from Windows (I have a USB hard disk connected to the USBridge and I can see the contents), and I can even play it with a MPD app (MALP).

Is there any way to restore the access to the web UI? I can’t even enable SSH, the connection is also refused when entering the IP/dev.