Can't navigate from artist to compilation album

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Browse the artists list.
  2. Select an artist who appears on a “various artists” compilation album.
  3. I see the list of albums for the artist correctly, including both their own albums and the compilation albums they’re on.
  4. Click on one of the artist’s own albums, the album appears correctly.
  5. But click on a compilation album, and I see just an empty album page showing just the text “title”, “artist - time” and “No items”.

If I browse to the same compilation album via the albums list, it appears correctly.

Anyone else get this behaviour?

I have the “Sort artists by” setting set to artist (otherwise, artists on compilation albums don’t appear on the artists list at all). On the files I have the “artist” tag set to the individual artist, and “album artist” set to “Various artists”. My Volumio version is 2.861.

Thought I would add some screenshots of what I’m seeing… here’s an artist page, listing a couple of the artist’s own albums and a compilation that they’re on:

If I click on “Select: Revolutions 04”, which is a “Various Artists” compilation, I get this empty album page:

I see from past discussions that there has been some debate about whether the link to “Select: Revolutions 04” should take me to the entire album, or just to Atari Teenage Riot’s track on it. (Clearly the answer is it should be the album, because I clicked on the title of an album under a heading “Albums”.) But in any case it should take me to something, not to nothing.

I have the exact same problem with the latest Volumio 2 and 3. Any solutions?