Can't Mount NAS (Airport extreme USB disk)

I’ve tried to mount my airport extreme NAS called “Flesland” on - but I alway get this error messaging in the web UI:
mount: mount point /mnt/NAS/MyNas does not exist

I’ve tried all kinds of combinations of adding or not adding the name of the share “Flesland” to the directory path, but nothing matters.

Here are my settings:

Source name: MyNas
IP address:
Remote Directory: Flesland/Disk2/Shared/iTunes
Username: vidar
Password: xxxxx

Under “advanced options” this is the mount flags:
(I added sec=ntlm myself as some people suggest that this works)

Try with

mkdir /mnt/NAS/myNas
chmod -R 777 /mnt/NAS/myNas

with SSH

let me know

That works! Thanks a bunch!