Can't help it ! but yet another IKEA project

(I think this one gonna be useful !)

Say hi to player number 8 in the SonosKiller family the SK8- Tablet loaderstation, Main Volumio control center and Kitchen player

from IKEA the “Sigfinn” Holder for mobile phone

2 paired Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 speakers
and a wood cover to protect the goodies (made by piece of less successful IKEA projects)

I’m not going to succomb, no matter what my better half say…nice & neat. What are the speakers like?

What’s the matter with you! Can’t you allow your wife a couple of hour of shopping happiness? (May also add some values on your + account) Meanwhile you can enjoy a quiet lunch and on the plate of course IKEA meatballs. :smiley:

IMO Harman Kardon stuff is good ! and these are too, the design is nice , highly portable and sounds more than okey for their size.
I bought one to my daughter as a bluetooth speaker and the other one as a Volumio speaker in my outdoor/sunroom/garden and “the little black devil” fills a 7x4 metre room with noice really well.

The only problem with them is the price ! The retail price is crazy, lucky me they often are on discount , I bought mine for (about) 110 euro per speaker which I think is a fare value