Can't get wifi working

Hi there

First post here so be patient with me. I can’t for the life of me get my Raspberry Pi Model B+ to see my wifi networks coming from a Virgin Hub. 3.0
After failing to do this with Volumio, I installed Raspbian and it was clear that wifi was not there. It won’t scan. I have a HiFi Berry DAC on top of my Raspberry.

Apart from this Volumio seems to be working fine as is Raspbian.

How do I know that I have either an issue with my router ?

Or do I have a dud Raspberry Pi hardware?

If it is software related, would an earlier Volumio download version do the trick?

Is it a model 1 B+? If so, it does not have wifi on board, so you’ll need a USB wifi adaptor…

Yes, it is. That explains it. That was a basic error on my part. Thanks for the speedy reply.