Can't get Volumio to boot

I downloaded volumio-0.976-2016-07-28-x86.img and imaged it to an 8 GB card.

It won’t boot, but I can boot other OS that I have burned to other cards.

When powered on, both the red and green lights stay on.

Any suggestions?


On which device are you trying to boot ? On some old computer there is a problem with this version. This problem is solved but in the next build.

As usual, pilot error.

Things work much better if I format the SD card per instructions … :bulb:

Hello, I have a same problem. Please, tell me, what formatting do you use?

Don’t format anything, just use a tool like win32diskimager on windows and flash as per instructions from the download page.
(or use “dd” on linux)
When that does not work and it stops at “Initrd initialisation finished”, you have a PC with the boot problems @balbuze mentioned for the current version.
I fixed it in the next update