Can't etch release 2.773: invalid block type


I’ve downloaded the release 2.773 and tried to use Etcher to install it on an sd-card (for Raspberry Pi). However the etching fails with “invalid block type” and that archive might be corrupted.

I also tried to extract the zip-file using windows built in zip-tool but that failed with “unexpected error”. I’m on win10.

Can you please advise?

Br Dan - Using Volumio on another Raspberry Pi with great joy!

Maybe your download is corrupted. Try to download again

I tried many times yesterday and today… and now I tried downloading it again… and it worked all the way!!
Don’t know why? But thanks for the answer, It somehow solved my problem;)

BR Dan

I see you got it solved which is good, but another option may have been to download the earlier version and install it, then click on update.