Can't connect to Volumio via LAN & Wifi (Router Fritzbox detects Volumio as active connection)

After update to new Volumio version 2 or 3 weeks ago I cannot access Volumio anymore via LAN and WIFI, I checked multiple devices. Fritzbox detects 2 active Volumio connection on the address & x.x.x.31. I restarted volumio and router multiple times - no success. Prior to erasing the SD card reinstalling a new Volumio image I would like to get to the bottom / understand the problem for future similar events. I also cannot connect via SSH / putty - I could succesffuly connect few months ago, not anymore. The lights on rpi device are normal.
Volumio worked perfectly well prior to the update.
Please suggest how to troubleshoot further.
Thank you!

If you can’t connect with the browser and ssh, then I think your only alternative to a new flash is to connect your device to a monitor and usb keyboard.

ok, thank you very much, I strongly appreciate your advice as I get lost in this tech/IT world. I will try it. Sorry for asking but still - I connect the monitor via HDMI and keyboard via USB - what are the next troubleshooting steps? I assume there will be Linux screen … Do I need to login with username/passwd: volumio/volumio?
What then?
Is to possible to restore previous stable version with a specific command?Like “sudo xy”
Thanks in advance,

Hmm, I think if you are not familiar with Raspbian (I’m assuming, since you haven’t reported your device) and working at the command line, then I’d take the path of least resistance, and try a reflash. Alternatively you could try a factory reset (you will still have to set up network, audio sources again, but won’t need to do a physical flash) … OTA updates are wonderful when they work, but occasionally something goes wrong in the complex process.

If you want to go down the troubleshooting route, then after getting to the Volumio console (on monitor), I’d check the IP address is in the range you’re expecting, and have a look at the system log.

Thank you again. I finally decided to reflash VOLUMIO and it works fine, it just took me some time to organize playlists, radios and other stuff again. But it looks like the best solution at the given situation. I think I will not do any new updates for some time now :wink:
What would be your suggestion to me/us to maintain stable Volumio besides avoiding updates?