Can't connect to volumio over 5G wifi

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: RPI 4
DAC: Allo Boss


I have a weird problem: My Volumio can connect to my router over either 2.4G or 5G wifi without any problem. However, i can only reach volumio’s interface, when a device is connected to the 2.4G network. When the device (PC, tablet, phone) is connected to the 5G network, I get a timeout error.
Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Any help is appreciated.

use 2.4G works oke :slight_smile:

I don’t mind connecting volumio over 2.4G, but obviously I don’t want all my devices to use the 2.4G network.

Which region is your 5GHz network? If you use a country specific channel for 5Ghz, then you will might have to set the corresponding country code in wpa_supplicant.conf

I’m in Switzerland.

That sounds like a totally different problem, tbh

@BSSM you could try 3.xx version that has being updated to buster.
but skip the 3.080 version that has a bug in it.but you have to manual install plugins for now,
because it’s a beta release most of the thinngs a working. but 5ghz it could work for some but 2.4ghz works most of the times. cable will always work.

Have you checked that the router/modem does not isolate wifi networks from each other?

Gosh, thx buddy. You’re right. I was tired yesterday when I was posting that.

No, it sure doesn’t. The problem occurs if volumio and the device controlling it are both on the 5G network.

Update: I found out that it also depends on the control device. My old phone can reach volumio when both are on 5G, although not very reliably. But with volumio connected to 2.4G it seems to work for now.


I have a similar problem from yesterday: my RPi is connected via cable to my router and I’m using an Android phone to control Volumio.
The router has both 2,4G and 5G networks, but the Volumio app (and Tidal Connect) only work if my phone is connected to the 2,4G network.
Since it worked on 2,4G I didn’t do anything about it. I don’t really know what might be done?


I’ve been trying to get a solution to my intermittent wireless connectivity problem for a long while now (ie several years), occasionally consulting this forum for possible answers. I’ve reached the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that this problem is about mobile devices.

We have 2 android phones and an old ipad. For the sake of this conversation, I’ll point out that the ipad and Moto G4 phone both connect to the 5 Ghz channel, whilst volumio and the Nokia 7.1 phone connect to 2.4 Ghz. (The Moto is running Android v7, and the Nokia is v10.)

Now, I often find that I lose connectivity from the Nokia, but if I immediately try again using either one of the other 2 devices, I get a connection. Furthermore, if I then retry on the Nokia, it connects!

There have been exceptions to this scenario, but in general, the Moto and the ipad reliably connect, but the Nokia is very tempermental.

Hopefully, my comments may provide some useful input to this issue.