Can't connect to open WiFi SSID on RasperryPi3

Just downloaded and installed Volumio yesterday and connected to it via HotSpot and via wired ethernet but could not get it to connect to my AP which is open with no password.

I tried several times but no luck
Tried editing /etc/network/iinterfaces directly but had no luck either.

Eventually, moved it closer to my ISPs router which does have a password and it connected fine

All my other Pi running standard raspbian (wheezy and Jessie) connect to my open SSID and the Pi3 i’m running it on has always worked fine in the past as well.

PS everything else is lovely - installed Spotify plugin and it works so very pleased :slight_smile:

Wifi appears to be a bit of a nightmare atm. So I have several RPis including a RPi3, and all are talking nicely together. No comfort to you, but please don’t alter /etc/network/interfaces. All I can suggest is looking at:

sudo journalctl -b

and see if there are any errors being thrown up.