Can't connect - fresh install

Just trying out Volumio and i hit my first snag.
I have booted up and wired to network but i cannot make a connection.
It is at and SSH says not connection to host, yet it is plugged into the Ethernet cable.
i am not sure how to debug or where to go from here.
For some reason It appears that the pi cannot connect to the network


We need some more informations :

how did you know it’s IP adress is, did you see it on Raspberry monitor when booting ?

If yes can you ping it from your computer ? What’s your computer adress and default router ?

if no plug a monitor on your raspberry and look at the IP when booting, or log in using pi or root user and typ ifconfig to check the IP adress.

Thanks for the reply.
Figured out the problem. it was corruption of the SD card. This caused it to halt while booting up.
Figured it out by connecting it to my HDMI tv.