Can't boot Raspberry Pi Zero with 2.599 image

I have my Pi zero W connected to a monitor. I can boot it with the latest version of Raspian with no issues.
When I try and boot Volumio, however, I get nothing. Just a black screen. The green LED on Pi Zero not lighting up… nothing.
I do not have easy access to a wired LAN port so it is not connected to my LAN. I was hoping it would go into hotspot mode as per the install instructions and my experiences with Volumio in the past. No Volumio hotspot appeared when I checked my phone.
I am kind of at a loss at this point. I have tried using a different SD card with no luck.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Raspberry Pi zero W
32GB Samsung micro SD card
volumio-2.599-2019-08-02-pi.img image file
2.4 amp 5v power supply

Sorry to have bothered you all.
Carefully re-performing all the installation steps from the beginning seems to have solved my problem.