Can't boot into UGI

Hi all,
Apologies for what is likely to be a dumb question.
I’m trying to get Volumio working on my Pi.
However, I can’t get past the boot screen to launch the user interface.

Attached is the screen I get frozen on. (Booting progresses to the Volumio graphic made out of keyboard characters and the explanation there’s no warranty).

Am I missing something obvious or is there a problem?


Did you tried on your computer write http://volumio.local? :slight_smile: (Actually, I dont know if volumio starts in some graphical thing, but I dont think so)

Yes, you’ve connected to the Pi as a terminal, and that’s what you’ll get, eventually leading to a shell prompt. If you connect to the web user interface via a browser and the URL volumio.local, you should see the main screen,

Chris M

I don’t understand Chris comment.
Is it means I should link to internet when boot Volumio with Raspberry Pi?
Or I can only boot into terminal mode not GUI?