Can't access my volumio

On the wired network option, I wanted to change automatic IP to static IP so I can try to configure wifi network every time i use volumio on a different network. I tried changing it from the UI but after I clicked save, I can no longer access volumio.

I’m on the latest version, on a rasp pi. 3.

What’s the next step from here?

your question is a bit confusing and misses details.
Different network, You mean you physically take the pi to a different geographical location?
If so, that will not work. You can only do this when a DHCP server is configured to assign a address to your pi. As there is no guarantee that your on the same subnet, have a free ip that you are claiming.
If network 1 is configured like 192.168.1.* and network 2 is configured like 183.234.2.* the pi configured on network 1 will never work on network 2, as the subnet doesn’t match.
If you mean something different, please provide more details.

Hi, thanks for the response. I managed to connect to the Pi and proceeded to creating a static wifi address. after the reboot, i tried connecting to the pi via the new static ip on google chrome and it doesn’t work.

when i try connecting via putty and when i ping. i can connect to the pi but via google chrome to the volumio ui, its not working. what can i do to fix it?

Use the same IP address in Chrome as you use with putty?

Edit: when you try connecting by putty, do you actually get to the CLI, or do you mean you can just ping the IP address successfully?