Can't acces Volumio

I can’t access Volumio. I do see the IP address (,I can ping it but am unable to acces it.
Dont understand why Volumio is using this odd IP address, my router is giving IP’s from to192.168.0.100
How can I change IP address?

that is weird, volumio has no hard-coded ip address nor does it generate one.
So if you are using DHCP in your network with the IP ranges you indicated, than the mentioned IP address cannot be from your Volumio device.

Well, this is the address that I see when I type in IP Addr.
My router is indeed in DHCP mode ( to but I can’t find Volumio in that range.
Any idea how i can manually try to change the IP Aadress?
Thanks already!

Have a look at my post from today, were I set up my static IP address. “I finally have Static IP!”, or something similar.

It’s been my experience that I get some odd stuff when I try to save changes on the Network page, including odd IP addresses.