Cannot update Volumio (with Digione) to latest after factory reset

When trying to update: The error message states: User files present. Reset to factory settings. Once I reset, the OTA SW updater repeats that user files are present. I have no user-altered files, other than the options/preferences available in 2.853. I have tried a new install, latest version 2.873 on flashed USB drive, and 64g micro sd card. Neither will boot.

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: RPi 3B+ Allo Digione
DAC:Denafrips Ares 2, coax cable

Hi Frank, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it was a plugin initiated file change … no idea what you have installed.

Volumio will not boot from a USB stick.

What happens with your attempted boot with the sd card?

The latest RPi version of Volumio is 2.882.

Hi- I see the latest update, now. So, if I do a factory reset, and I select no plugins, that would be a starting point. I have no plugins other than what came with 2.853. Which was installed on the pi, from Allo.

I will try and will disconnect the DAC, too.

As far as the new flashed sd card, with 2.873; I just get a blank, white screen in the Volumio app.

OK, you’ve ruled out plugins. No need to remove DAC. Just flash latest version to sd card and see what happens.

Thank you, chsims. I will do.

So, I get the start up screen, but no WiFi connection. I tried several different ip addresses I know work to no avail.

just re-install with fresh one if it’s not updating start fresh.
please take note of your settings… other wise you will have the same way you installed.

This is a fresh OS version.

take the version that worked …

I should reflash to the sd card, again?

simple way is start over with a other install not this version… i know that some have problems with 2.882

The only version that worked is the original sw that came with the RPi.

you could try the new 3.xx version but you have to install plugins by hand but it could work for you,
what are your needs so my volumio ect …

Stream music, tidal, local FM radio.

if it’s a few i should say give it a try and for other plugins like youtube2,soundclould,mixcloud or youtube cast reciever i can help you give more options. or seek how to… there you have all you need …

so basic set-up and tidal that is not a lot … i got more installed…

I appreciate your help. I like to keep things simple.
This should be a simple fix (ip address) recognition.

most ip porblems are dhcp i like a hard coded ip so i always can reach it.
maybe you have to remove some file that contains the settings stored…
you always connect with your own network. so static ip is best.
if have that your having 2 options to connect … http://volumio.local or ip given by volumio.
and with volumio.local/dev you can enable ssh an you can install every plugin if you follow the instructions given.