Cannot Show Queue page

I’ m a very satisfied user of previous version of Volumio 1.55 (very stable and form point of view really poor bugged).
Now I’m trying a new fresh installation of Volumio2 (first time the 2.118, now the 2.282) on a new PI3 with HifiBerry DAC+ PRO.

I’m only trying the new feature in view of a complete system for my HIFI.

The first issue is that I can’t view the page QUEUE if I using Firefox, Palemoon, K-Meleon or Midori browser, only with Edge browser seem it run well.
My SO client is Windows 10

The second issue is during the play of a track, if I close the browser (also with EDGE) and reopen the main page, the play sounded restart from the init of track, also the volume level return to the preset volume (Volume Option set)

For now this is the 2 noisy issues that I have found.
Consider that I also checked the system with Rune but there is none of previous issue happens (but I prefer Volumio and I want to use that).

Thank you for your support

Sorry, about the second issue I need more time to investigate, to be happens is not always but only in sometime.
Excuse me, if necessary i’ll ask you support about this issue, instead the first issue is very annoiyng.

We are testing the UI with Firefox, Chrome and Safari, so it should work. Do you have any ad-blocker in place?

Hi Michelangelo
Yes, on Firefox I’ve ADBLOCKER and SELF-DESTRUCTION COOKIE, but only on Firefox and however I’ve already disabled before posting the issue.
But there is another strange behaviour, now the issue disappear, two days ago i’ve installed the first clean SD and seen the issue on QUEUE page, than yesterday retry a new clean install with the new release and the issue is present.
This morning before post on forun i’ve seen the issue, but for testing purpouse i’m using EDGE.
Now after your replay I tried on Firefox for check that i really disable ADB but now the issue disappear.
I can see regular QUEUE page also on firefox.
So I dont know what happens, in the meantime I changed the wallpaper of Volumio page, loaded some plugin, and now trying to load new webradio (without success…) but all things working with EDGE.
Now return to work with Firefox, i hope is my system problem.
Consider that on my system I’ve a TEMP on ramdisk

About webradio, I’m sure I’m wrong something but don’t know what, i cannot use the Radiofreccia URL :
It work on Foobar and on Volumio 1.55, but when i try on Volumio2 it told me Connection Refused.

Do you have an hint ?


Opss, … Consider that on my system I’ve a TEMP on ramdisk… means My PC Windows System have TEMP and Firefox temporary cache on Ramdisk…