Cannot save favorites

I thought the autostart plugin had a bug until now.
But what I’m observing is that nothing from the radio stations can be saved as a favourite.

Anybody got the problem?

same problem here

And now?
Is there also a moderator here?
Or doesn’t anyone care?

I contacted the plugin creator via PN, no response.
The problem is in Volumio, you can’t save your favorites here.
When will there be a solution?

favorites radio are stored in browse tab under web radios / favorite radios

Adding channels from Shoutcast and Dirble works fine , but not from the Tunein plugin!
And it has been so for months

…same here. Please fix.


It seems that nobody cares. That is a pity. It still doesn’t work.


it used to work, but I believe since v2.5x, I cannot save or preserve any changes to Web Radios. Every time the RPI reboots, all changes are undone.

Tried backing up the configurations using the backup plugin, but that doesn’t either.

Quite annoying.

Same problem here, even after upgrade to v.2.668.

After laboriously creating the list of favorite web radios, it disappears after reboot.

Only three or four stations persist, as if saved in read-only file. Quite annoying as Internet radio occupies at least 40% of my listening time.

Just found this thread after posting about this in another thread about playlists.

Clearly an issue that needs an update.

I also confirm the problem. I’ve tried all possible tricks, like adding to radio favorites from every screen where this is available, and by adding stations manually with ip/port; radio favorites then are all looking good with new stations added until after a reboot when only my previously successfully saved ones (from some time ago) are left as they were. :frowning: I now keep the new stations I want to add on the queue. Not the end of the world, but be nice if it could be tidied up. I could find nothing relevant on any logs.

Same problem here, after upgrade to v.2.668

I have the same problem.
Would really appreciate someone acknowledging the issue and provide a fixplan.
Love volumio txs

Same here. Raspberry Pi 3 and Volumio version 2.729
On GUI not visual but found in directory ( /volumio_data/dyn ) /data/favourites a file radio-favourites with the as favorite marked stations. So it is saving but web interface not can read this. In Data directory also a file queue with the queue list which is working.

Favorite radio stations are, after reinstall, found under Web Radio as Favorite Radios.

Favourites Radio Stations are stored under /data/radio-favourites and in the GUI only Visible at Internetradio Section.
You can rename or copy the file “radio-favourites” simply to “favourites” Then the Stations are displayed under the Favourites Secion of the GUI

In the File favourites only locally or remote stored Songs are saved when you press the favourite heart but no streams.

It would be helpful to have the ability to store Favourite Streams or Playlists to short-numbers which can be called with soft or hard-buttons

I also cannot save any radio stations in Favorites, they do appear in the Queue list but then I can’t delete the list fully in case i wipe out all my stations. I haven’t used Volumio for some time, it was really promising a couple of years ago and the author was really keen to improve things but I get the feeling that now it’s selling harware wise and the money’s rolling in, like many other meida players, interest has been lost. I also flagged a big problem with Nanomesher and they said they would fix it but five months on and typically not bothered. They too used to care. Such a shame this could have been the benchmark player.