Cannot play some Albums, though individual tracks work

I am running Volumio 2.344 on a RaspberryPI with a music library of 3.6k albums / 19.7k songs. The library is hosted on another RPi, with the Volumio accessing it via NFS.

Overall, this setup works great; love it. I’ve been using this setup for quite a while. Before using Volumio, I was running MPD on my RaspberryPi’s as well, so I’m pretty familiar with a lot of what is going on under the hood.

However, there are some albums that I cannot add to the queue or play using either the WebUI or the mobile app. In some of these cases, I am able to play the individual tracks of the album, and add them to the queue. Bu obviously, this is much more time consuming than I’d prefer.

So my question is: how could I troubleshoot this? What’s the best way to capture the instruction that the WebUI is sending, trace it through the library to see where the problem is. My guess is that there is something wrong with the metadata or the file path or something like that, but I have not yet been able to figure out what it would be.

Thanks for any help / suggestions.

Similar problem here. I can’t play my Charts-Albums or film music anymore (variuous artists, i.e. album artist “Z Charts 1990ies” Album “Charts 1993” artist “ace of base” (there are up to 100 different artists with the same Album “1993” (and same album artist)).
When I browse through the folder “Charts 1993” Volumio shows only one or two of the hundred tracks of this album.

Maybe there is a problem with the album artist tag? “Normal” albums from artist work normally. When browsing through folders with album artist I get the report “an error occured while browsing the folder”.

Only folders with album artist show those errors. It doesn’t matter if there are mp3- or flac-files.

Same here.

Although I can browse the Volumio folders when “Album Artist” tags are there. But, when the “Album Artist” tag is different from the “Artist” tag, Volumio interface is reporting an error browsing the folder:

I have the same problem but only since the December update. Possibly with various artist albums? Still testing. Can get to play by browsing the media library though

I’ve noticed that in at leas one case, this is happening when the ‘Album Artist’ is not present at all…

Confirmed that, in at least one case, when the ‘Album Artist’ tag was missing, and then I added that tag, the problem is resolved.

This seems to me like a bug, as the UI ought to use the same logic to play an album or add it to the playlist as it uses to view the album. I.E. if clicking on the album shows me all of the tracks in it, then why should it be a problem to play that list of track or add them to the playlist.

I have the same bug.
I cannot lay some albums.
For one case I have check Artist name was different from Album Artist.
SO I have change Artist name with foo bar to have same name as Album Artist and now I can play this album

sorry but I would qualify this as a bug that should be fixed easily. It means that program is using two differents fields for the Artist, there is a wrong mapping between the 2 fields, but in fact the same field should be used…

I am currently testing Volumio in the latest version on Raspberry Pi3, so that I get to know the interface (I am planning to buy Katana Player 1.2).
I must admit that I am impressed with this software - fast, responsive, nice. I even bought an iOS version. I like it more than BluOS 3.0, which is currently my basic streamer.
Unfortunately, like the author of this thread, I also have a problem with some albums. After pressing PLAY they are not added to the queue.
For example, the digital version of the album “100 Piano Masterworks”–100-piano-masterworks, is presented as one album, but nothing happens when I press PLAY …

I also have this problem. I am running Volumio 2.619 on rPi with mp3 files being accessed remotely via an SMB share on a NAS. I have used the albumartist tag to consolidate compilation albums that had been split up due to the artist tags being different within the album.

However, it’s not possible to play the whole album, only individual tracks. The play button beside the album results in nothing being added to the queue. I have tried changing the artist tag to match the albumartist tag and this works, allowing me to play the whole album. It does however mean I lose the artist info for individual tracks and also makes the albumartist tag kind of redundant, since it is identical to the artist tag. I’m reluctant to do this with all my compilation albums as it seems like a bug.

Exactly. And when you have differences between “Album Artist” and “Artist” in your whole library, I can tell you this bug is really annoying :frowning:


Please don’t use old thread.
It is resolved on VERSION: 2.632 normally.