Cannot play or access spotify playlists

After last volumio update I cannot play or access the spotify playlists

System version 2.729

same here :neutral_face:

Do you have the latest version of Spotify Plugin?

Spotify is working fine for me on the latest release. But after the update Volumio changed my DAC from an Allo Boss to a HiFiBerry. After catching this everything is working great.

I cannot play anything with 2.729 now. Internet radio stations show up and can be placed in queue, but clicking the “play” icon doesn’t do anything (doesn’t even change contrast temporarily as usual). Network share is still mounted, and all music files are browsable from a PuTTy shell, but nothing appears within the Music Library in the browser. Updating/rescanning source makes no difference, rebooting makes no difference, updating the underlying system via command line makes no difference.

Everything was working just a week ago.

My problem described above (which was not related to Spotify) has been resolved. Problem turned out to be caused by a mislocated library file, Without the system knowing the location of this file, mpd would fail to start. Likely the latest update to the Linux system underlying Volumio moved this file to a location, directory /opt/vc/lib, where if could not be found on boot. Copying the file to directory /usr/lib and rebooting resolved my issue.

Thanks to an 11-year old Stack Overflow topic for helping me resolve this frustrating problem.

Updating volumio via apt-get will break your system. I suggest you to do a factory reset now, you will be frustrated a lot otherwise

Are you saying updating Volumio (through the web UI) also updates the underlying Debian-based OS?