Cannot get the weather data

Hi, everybody.

I used to listen to the music using Volumio installed RPi4.
I set Now Playing plug in, and want to display the weather data in Idle Screen.
But I can display only time data.

I setup the Geographic Coordinates, and OpenWeatherMap API Key.

But, in the volumio, I can not display the weather data in idle screen.

Please, let me know the method to display the weather data in Idle Screen.
Thank You.

In the plugin settings, I entered your coordinates 37.2635727,127.0286009 and it worked.

And I assume you also enabled “Show Weather”?


Hi! patrickkfkan
I appreciate your testint

I checked the setup and retry, rebooting.
but I cannot still display weather data.

In my thought, there is two point to cause this problem
One is my API key, the other is my network setup.

My API key is “2480bc2e100f1c9cbba8e29b82361b1f”

Would you test my API key?

sincerely yours!

Your API key doesn’t work. I got this error in the logs:

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: {"cod":401,"message":"Invalid API key. Please see for more info."}

Try generating a new API key. Also, check in your email for any activation messages. I don’t remember if it needs activating - it’s been quite a while since I generated mine…

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Hi! patrickkfkan,

Thank you your tesing,
I checked my API key is in active,
I will generate new API key.

Thanks again!