Cannot get back into Volumio after shutdown

I’m using Volumio on a Pi4B wirelessly. After shutting down my pi within the app I cannot get back into Volumio without having to set it back up again using an ethernet cable. The pi no longer shows on the network. I don’t see the hotspot option to reconnect wirelessly.

Are there settings within the app that I can set to avoid this problem?

No. If you shut down your pi, the only way you can bring it up again is to disconnect and reconnect power

Ok, thanks. I’ve got music on a small ssd but being powered on all the time it gets quite warm. Since I may go 1-2 weeks without listening to my system, I was thinking shutting down volumio/pi would be better for longevity. I guess I’ll just leave it on unless a “sleep” function is possible.

or simply shutdown the rPi via the Volumio UI and add a pushbutton (normal open). If you short it the rPi will restart

How would I restart the Pi? Would it start up again when I go in to the Volumio app?

Nope, you just push the button, wait for a minute or so and volumio is back up and running.

Sorry, but I don’t see any exposed buttons. My streamer is encased in a clear plastic case.

buy a pushbutton, drill a hole in the case, mount it and solder it as indicated in the previous picture like:

Same but this is the rPi3

Thanks again for your assistance.

And if your not that technical skilled, you can also buy a complete solution, like: