Cannot find webradio folder in Volumio 2


Hi, I am a new Volumio user from the Netherlands. I know a little about Linux but new to Volumio.

I have a problem finding the webradio folder when I have ssh-ed into volumio 2 as user volumio. I can find the folder /var/lib/mpd/music but then it stops. There is no webradio folder available, only INTERNAL, NAS AND USB. Am I doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place maybe? The same happens when I use finder on my macbook.

When I search for a webradio folder, I can find 2 webradio folders,
but none has my personal radiostations.

I have added a few web radio’s using the webUI (that worked great) but I wanted to find out if it was possible the add different folders to the My Web Radios folder to make it more organised, but then I would need to have the correct folder. I hope this has not been asked already but I could not find an answer .

Thanks in advance for the help!!




the web stations are in the configuration files (/data/favourites), so there is nothing you can customize to (re-) organize them.

– Gé –

Thanks for the quick reply and help!!