cannot delete music folder on volumio USB volume

Hi all,

I have been struggling with this for several months. Have looked through forums and can’t seem to find a direct fix for this.

I have a USB drive mounted as “media”, with a sub directory “Music”

Using winscp or even Windows 10 file explorer, I can copy new music folders over. Unless there is a music folder with same name, then says do not have permission. If I try to delete the folder (again with winscp, putty, or Windows), says do not have permission.

I then have logged in to volumio box with root using putty ssh. Still wont let me delete a music folder. I then chmod Media directory and all underlying folders to be read/write/delete for all users. Delete still wont work.

One issue I don’t have an answer for is the music folder naming structure. Windows of course handles files and folders with spaces in the name. But maybe winscp and putty are having problems with that. Doesnt seem like it should be a problem because I can copy over a folder with spaces no problem.

Can anyone give guidance as to what is going on?

I think my first port of call would be to find out what the disk format is? I assume that this is a USB disk mounted on your Volumio device?

Yes its a seagate usb drive mounted on a USB connector on the Sparky.

under /mnt:


USB is a link to media which has a directory Music containing all the music folders

I formatted the drive a long time ago to a filesystem that was compatible with Windows and Linux in case I needed to move the drive back to windows to do work. I think it was efFAT but I’m not 100%.

I guess I could just connect the drive to Windows and do all my changes there but that only gets around the problem this one time.

I think you mean ‘exfat.’ This format doesn’t support permissions as such, and they will just be the same as the directory in which it is mounted. Have you tried to remove your directories as root/sudo?

Hi all,

I formatted the USB drive to the default NTFS filesystem, vs. the previous exFAT. Re-copied all the music back, and lo and behold, Linux recognizes NTFS and I can now delete music folders. I had originally picked exFAT as it was identified as compatible between Linux and Windows, whereas NTFS required drivers to be installed.
This does point to a Volumio documentation gap - formatting/filesystem choice, permissions, folder layout and such. If I was more technically capable, I would write it myself.
Thanks all for assisting.