Cannot boot up into Volumio

I met a wired thing while boot up Volumio with Raspberry Pi. It always hang the boot process under below info:
[ 136.822965] bcm2835-cpufreq: switching to governor performance
And cannot going on.
Does anybody has the same issue as mine?

Kenny, this is allright… What you have to do now is connect via the webui,
just follow the quick start guide…

Hi Michel,
Thanks for reply me. But I still have some misunderstand. Does “connect via WebUI” means use another machine to connect my Raspberry Pi?

Yes, you can use phone, tablet, pc just type the Rpi’s ip address in web browser.

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But how can I know it already link to web if I used a WiFi adapter? I tried IFCONFIG and IWCONFIG but don’t work.

I fixed the problem and I can listen music form Volumio now.