Cannot access the player from the browser on the rpi 3 b+

I’m able to access it from other computers in the same network, either with volumio.local or the IP address, but I can’t access volumio.local or the IP address from the browser running on the rpi. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Volumio’s UI is locally served on port 3000. So to reach it you would use e.g. http://localhost:3000

Thanks. I’m able to manually launch the interface from terminal with firefox -kiosk http://localhost:3000, and it shows the player interface. But autostart on booting doesn’t work as I put the line @firefox -kiosk http://localhost:3000 in $HOME/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart. It does open firefox but shows the content in my home directory instead of the player interface.

It seems firefox opens two pages with autostart, one shows the home directory, and the other shows Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:3000.

I can’t help much with this problem as I currently don’t run a system using firefox (and lxde). But I guess that Volumio has not started up completely when firefox already tries to load the page from localhost.

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Could be. I added the command to .bashrc. Firefox was not started after booting until I opened a terminal, no matter how long I’d waited. It can access localhost:3000, but needs a trigger - terminal here. Don’t understand the logic. Will try some other methods to bring it up.

OK. I delayed calling Firefox for 15 seconds and now UI pops up as expected. Thank you.