Can Volumio stream Webradio to a DLNA device?

Please correct me if I’m wrong – I’m trying to understand what Volumio can and cannot do:

Volumio seems to only play the files, coming from somewhere else, through its audio jack or DAC connected by cable to an amplifier. Volumio does not serve audio files to other equipment over the local network (DLNA) out of the box. There is a way to enable the DLNA part in Volumio but it’s using the app “MiniDLNA” which cannot stream Web radio. how-start-the-dlna-server-for-volumio-the-t2401.html

I had previously installed MiniDLNA on a Raspberry Pi 2 running NOOBS and I can confirm that streaming Internet radio (m3u files) does NOT work :frowning:


You can try that, woks for me, I can stream anything from my Laptop (mp3, radios, spotify, hard drive connected; etc…) to volumio :



Thanks for the response. I checked the GitHub page and they don’t mention .m3u streaming files – they don’t seem to be supported. So does streaming Internet radio with .m3u files really work for you?

Hi have to say I don’t use m3u, I only stream in live or choosing piece by piece
Anyway, I’m gonna try and keep you informed.