Can Volumio be added to the DietPI system?

I guess the basic answer here is “Yes, because it’s open source” but I thought it polite to ask since I don’t really know how embedded rooted Volumio’s functions are into the deb distro. I assume, for example, that there isn’t a .deb package or (this would be nice, a “snap” or similar).

I’m not connected to DietPI apart from being fan and user - it powers several of my mini-servers including a massively underpowered RPi model B with (IIRC) 256Mb RAM.

I’m running Volumio on an RPi 3 and since it’s barely tickling the CPU there’s obviously room for lots of other functionality. Primarily a password protected NAS, although I also run a bunch of other stuff on it including PIHole and (occasionally) Cuberite when the kids want to play Minecraft and a VPN. I also have one of those DLNA servers running on it (I forget which) but all of this functionality is delivered directly from DietPI.

It’s remarkable to me that in just a few decades we’ve moved from machines like the Vic20 and Sinclair ZX series to tiny boxes that practically run our lives. Pi 3 isn’t (quite) powerful enough for a desktop (and trust me, I’ve tried) but it excels as a lightweight server.

I guess I can add a small DNLA server to my own box but if this function could be added at the source that would extend it to everyone else.

EDIT: I’m using miniDLNA as discussed here. It’s available in the repo if anyone else needs this functionality.

As a noob, I would like to extend my thanks to the team for this great piece of software. The webradio function alone has solved a niggling problem I’ve had ever since I upgraded to a new amp.

Hi basically both yes and no.
While the backend can be easily installed on any kind of system. See here: …

However, Volumio requires a fine tuned and tailored system, so you won’t get near any Volumio-like integration when starting from another distro.

That being said, why you don’t install what you want on Volumio? It’s optimized to minimize wearing to SD Card, so it can also be a good candidate for server usage…

Already tinkering with it now - you’re right, it’s pretty open to modification because it’s so well designed atop Debian.

Thanks! Let me know your comments, also if there is something we should improve