Can not play hi res music via tidal at MyVolumio

Same issue here…

I have just received my mini86, very pleased with the looks, but I can’t get it to show on my network or update to MyVolumio ( I bought the mini86 to stream Qobuz). It’s currently running on an update from June ‘18. I click on the search for update button, but nothing happens. I posted on the forum yesterday, but no replies, can you help please

Same issue

Did anyone manage to play Tidal Master with 24bit/96kHz using MyVolumio?
I can only get 24bit/48kHz out of it.
My understanding was that SW unfold can achive 96kHz file another unfold to achieve 192kHz neds to happen in HW (DAC). Is it correct?

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Still no action on this topic, its been like this since many months and no forward steps yet.

Hi there! Any chance of Volumio to support unfolding of MQAs?
In any reasonable soon?

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It would be awesome if Volumio could do the first MQA unfold! I wonder if you could then connect a Dragonfly DAC via USB to do the final unfold and have a full quality MQA streamer? Seems like it would be a really simple solution. I hope Volumio can do the first MQA unfold to 24/96 so the DAC can do the second unfold to 24/192 soon.

Ok MQA is a bit confusing. There are roles that a player or streamer got when it comes to MQA.
MQA Full Decoder: These devices do the streaming and playback of MQA Files. They are fully capable of receiving and unfolding MQA files and also can playback. They don’t need any other device in the process.
Most of the time external DACs and headphone amps/DACs that are capable of playing MQA Master tracks need a “CORE DECODER” which is a sort of streamer that does the 1st stage of unfolding the MQA file. The first stage unfolds and recovers all the direct music-related information. Tidal Desktop App is a core decoder or software such as Roon or Audrivana are core decoders. An MQA Renderer will include ‘stream lock’ but is not able to decode an MQA stream or authenticate it.
Once the Core Decoder transmits the unfolded MQA file you need a “RENDERER” to play it back. Your MQA authenticated DAC is a renderer. Your DAC processes the MQA Core signal and completes the unfolding of the MQA file by authenticated it.

Here the question is can Volumio do the core decoding of MQA files? If it can then you need a
MQA Renderer DAC that works alongside the Volumio. One of my setups consists of Allo USBridge and Ifi Zen DAC which can render and authenticate MQA files. I run Volumio on the USBridge and it does stream the data to my Zen DAC. What’s funny is that I can see the 24 bit 44.1 kHz sample rate (usually the sample rate of a typical MQA track) which means I’m playing something higher than the usual CD sample rate (16/44). It makes me think that I’m playing Master Auethnticated MQA Tracks. The “BIG BUT” here is the light that represents the sample rate on my Zen Dac is not purple which stands for playing MQA files! So my DAC shows me something and Volumio shows me something else!

Yeah, Tidal is limited to 24/48khz inside Volumio. My DAC stays Blue and even the song says 24/48khz

Audirvana Through Volumio does send 24/96Khz MQA. My DAC gets purple.


Hi, the same issue here. Tried with above mentioned music. Here is the output: My iPhone Volumio screen, when displaying the search result says: Prayer - Voice & Organ(96kHz / 24 bit). But actual player running the piece says: 48 kHz /24 bit. I have a HiFi Tidal and Volumio Superstar. Attached screenshots. Please explain, since it was not as agreed with Volumio :frowning:

Again, they won’t fix this version of Tidal, they’re testing the new version, and it’s fixed in that version, we just have to wait till it releases.

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still no step forward with tidal?

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Same here, but some Master recording play at 44.1…(?) Like below:

And another example.

Which DAC are you using?
Probably it doesn’t make full unfolding
Volumio needs USB DAC full unfoding compatible to play MQA at highest res

Volumio tech support

Just my 5 cents:

I Think it is Volumio that displays a wrong (to Low) resolution.

When I Play e.g. SW Future Bites, the volumio interface shows 48/24 but my DAC shows the correct 96/24 (see picture)

Kind regards

I am using Allo DigiOne and feeding the internal DAC in ONKYO A9010 which supports up to 192khz. Regarding MQA, we are not talking here about full unfold of 192khz, but rather 48Khz and 96 Khz that was supposed to be unfolded by TIDAL software.

Clearly there is something wrong with the TIDAL integration since Dire Starits album is marked as M (Master) and I am only getting 44.1khz

I dont have external DAC to check @Mnp claim…

Volumio does not perform first unfolding of MQA tracks. To implement that, Volumio would have to pay a license fee to MQA.

With Volumio, you really need a DAC that supports full MQA unfolding (first and second stage) to get the max quality out of “Master” tracks.

It would be helpful if Volumio people told us what is supposed to work with Tidal Masters and what isn’t.

Like others here, I sometimes get 48khz/24bit and it sounds fantastic. Sometimes I get 44khz/24bit and it still sounds fantastic. And sometimes I get 44khz/16bit (CD quality) and it still sounds very good. But it’s unpredictable. Sometimes I can play the same album twice and it plays high quality the first time and low quality the next. There’s no apparent reason to it.

I tried listening to higher sample rates (96khz/24bit) via other systems and it doesn’t sound any better to my ears, so I’m happy with the 48khz/24bit limitation. I would just like to know why it only sometimes works on some Tidal Masters tracks. Will it improve in the future? Is this something I can help debug? I just don’t know.

I’m currently listening to the most beautiful music on my 12 year old Chord QuteHD DAC (which has no MQA support) and I’m delighted with the results. I wish it was consistently like this.