Can not login with password=volumio

Hi, I have just installed Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 2 + Hifiberry Dac+ Pro… finally after a looong upgrading of the initial system image I introduced the user=Root and password=volumio but it does not work.

Have those changed for this last version of Volumio? It did not work to have Pi and raspberry as user and password either…

Thanks !!

You don’t precise which version you use
Volumio 1.55
user : pi
passwd : raspberry

user : volumio
passwd : volumio

edit : correct user for v1.55

Hi, many thanks for your reply. I have Volumio 1.55 but it does not work the user and passw for this version. Perhaps I need the user and pw for the OS but Pi and raspberry do not work. It must be some sort of bug. Is there a way to bypass the initial user and pw request? I tried pressing the Shift key while booting but it did not work…

my bad I wrote to quickly !
user: pi
passwd : raspberry

I need to login to both my Pis by ssh, but they are both rejecting volumio as the password. Any ideas?

A known issue when updating gives this problem. Search the forum. You can try to remove /data or reflash with a last version. Sorry for that

Really? !! Not what i wanted to hear. Is there a way to retrieve all my settings, or do I have to start from scratch again?


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