Can I set my phone up to be a network source for my pi?

I have volumio on my pi and attached to the network via wifi.
I also have a pc as a nas that it can play music from.

I was wondering, can I use my phone as a nas?
So play stuff I have downloaded on my phone then play it on my pi via the network?

I have been trying to set it up and I can’t seem to get the pathway right or someothing.
I thought i would just check it was doable.

Or am i missing something obvious?

I think it is likely to be possible … there are limited samba server apps available for Android, but you should ask yourself if seriously it is worth it. Much simpler just to save your downloaded tracks to your NAS/PC, or use something like BubbleUPnP Server.

OK, thanks.
So it isn’t a quick couple of clicks.

I am glad I asked.
I was just in the garage, I have stuff downloaded on my phone for when i am in the van.
Podcasts and the like.

It would save me cleaning up, taking boots off, washing hands, booting up pc or nas etc etc

I thought it might be as simple as when i connected the nas, but if not, I won’t bother, I am sure I will survive. I have plenty of other things that need doing.

Thanks though.

Actually, I am just trying to make my pc as a nas as well for it.
Could someone help me please?
I can’t seem to work out the path (I think that is what i am doing wrong).
I have only done this once before and it just worked for the nas.
Or should i start another thread?

I am on Linux mint.
I have a file called ‘Public’ that is shared with some music in.
I feel like i have tried all options.
In the file explorer type interface it is in Home/Public
In the Terminal it is home/g/Public (g being usr)

I have made the folders in the folder public too I think.
I can’t remember what it is meant to look like.
I keep getting error 115

Oh, wait, when i first set that folder up as public (a while ago, probably a couple of months ago), my son could see it instantly on his pc.
Now he can’t see it.

I now can’t recall if it was before or after i did a fresh install of linux because of the new version.
That shouldn’t make a difference should it?

So, to be clear, you are looking for a way to share files from your PC to your mobile (like it does to Volumio now)? If so, then you could do with starting a brand new appropriately named topic.

To your other question, if you have done a fresh installation of your linux distro (rather than an upgrade), then it will be back to it’s default samba (sharing) configuration, which will not include any personal shares set previously.

OK, thanks.
I’ll start a new topic for that.
I am now currently just trying to share music files from my pc to the network.
I want to then play those files on my pi (with volumio on it) that is in the garage.
It currently plays volumio fine.

Initially, I was wanting to play music on my pi from volumio using my phone as the source over the network. But that sounds like it might be hard work.
Especially as I am new to anything that uses the word network :slight_smile:
Possibly I hit lucky when I set it up a couple of months ago.

Thank you for the other answer as well.
I shall look into Samba configuration.
I thought it was just a case of right clicking on a folder and sharing it.

If you have an iPhone, you can use airplay

I don’t have an iPhone.