Can I just check

Did the two-year rewrite of Volumio not add

  • the ability to sort albums within an artist by year rather than just alphabetically,
  • the ability to ignore “the” in artist names, or
  • the ability to filter Qobuz lists by genre?

I know, this is just easy stuff to add. You are cordially invited to help implement it :slight_smile:
Seriously, you probably don’t know how much work Volumio 3 already was.

Can I presume you did a feature request here?
In that case could you just check and give me a link for my volumio-3-issues-hints-and-solutions list

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Just an out of the box solution for the year ordering, as to me this is the one sorting that make sense :slight_smile:
I’ve added the year as start of the folder name for every album. So Volumio sort correctly on year and it has the advantage that it is also visible for me when I browse my storage.
It’s easy to do as a batch with media monkey.

All of those have been raised multiple times going back at least four years. I was just a little surprised they weren’t addressed given the major rewrite.

No matter - your product, your priorities.

I dare to disagree, just make sure it is on a feature list. Then there is no way around it. At least not without a decision yes or no.
Posts with questions get read and two days later no one remembers…

I’ve raised all three as feature requests.